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Tom Kimpson

PhD student, Theoretical Astro, MSSL, UCL. General relativity, compact objects, GRBs and gravitational waves.

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I am currently a Ph.D. candidate in Physics at MSSL, UCL undertaking research in the Astrophysics group.

My Ph.D. research concerns the complex dynamics exhibited by black-hole - neutron star systems in strong gravity. Such spinning objects would not follow geodesics in the space-time manifold and exhibit interesting and complex spin and dynamical behaviours due to general relativistic effects.

I received my Master’s in Physics and Astronomy from Durham University in 2016. My thesis research was in the area of gamma ray bursts in the Very High Energy Astro department, investigating the detectability of GRB’s by the upcoming CTA, in addition to the radiation mechanisms present.

I have also worked with the ForDyS Group of INAF, Padova, where I have collaborated on the merger of compact object binaries and triples using N-Body simulations. More recently, I have worked for start-up PRIX using machine learning methods for dynamic pricing and revenue management.