I am currently a PhD candidate at MSSL, UCL undertaking research in the Astrophysics group.

My research is in theoretical astrophysics, primarily on general relativity and in particular the relativistic factors which relate to the detection of Pulsar-Black Hole systems in the Galactic centre and the inner regions of globular clusters, and the use of these systems to test fundamental physics in extreme environments.

For a more detailed outline of my research interests, please see my research page. See the publications page for a list of my relevant publications. You can also find a short CV and a miscellaneous collection of resources

This blog serves as a resource for personal notes and a platform for scientific outreach posts. Most posts are primarily related in some way to general relativity (GR), our current leading theory of gravity. Some posts are more technical and aimed at those with a more mathematical background, while others should be more widely understandable. These posts are also personally helpful in developing my own writing style and exposing any of my own misunderstandings.

“Writers write badly when they have something to hide. Clarity makes their shaky assumptions plain to the readers - and to themselves.”
- Nick Cohen

There are also some short technical computing notes that may be useful as a reference to myself or others.

This site is currently under construction.