Throughout my research I have written a number of scientific codes, typically relating to time-frequency modelling and signal analysis of non-linear, dynamical astrophysical systems (e.g. Pulsar - Extreme Mass Ratio Binaries).

In order to enable reproducible research I am attempting to make all codes publicly available with documentation. This endeavour is currently a work in progress.

If you use any of the codes for work resulting in publication, we kindly request you reference the appropriate code and papers. Thanks!

  • ForwardRayTracing. Ray Tracing in a curved Kerr spacetime from a moving relativistic source.

  • SpinCurvatureDynamics. Modelling the complex spin-orbital dynamics of an extended spinning body (e.g. a pulsar) in a curved, Kerr spacetime.

  • QuadrupoleSpinCurvatureDynamics. Spin-Orbital dynamics around a quasi-Kerr black hole with an arbitrary mass quadrupole.

  • Iliad. Theoretical, computational modelling of the electromagnetic time-frequency signal from a pulsar orbiting a massive BH, subject to al relativistic and astrophysical effects. Public release in progress.

  • GW_Bursts. Gravitational waveform modelling from extreme mass ratio binaries.