Gravitational burst radiation from pulsars in the Galactic centre and stellar clusters


Pulsars (PSRs) orbiting intermediate or supermassive black holes at the centre of galaxies and globular clusters are known as Extreme Mass Ratio Binaries (EMRBs) and have been identified as precision probes of strong-field GR. For appropriate orbital parameters, some of these systems may also emit gravitational radiation in a ‘burst-like’ pattern. The observation of this burst radiation in conjunction with the electromagnetic radio timing signal would allow for multimessenger astronomy in strong-field gravitational regimes. In this work we investigate gravitational radiation from these PSR-EMRBs, calculating the waveforms and SNRs and explore the influence of this GW on the pulsar radio signal. We find that for typical PSR-EMRBs, gravitational burst radiation should be detectable from both the Galactic centre and the centre of stellar clusters, and that this radiation will not meaningfully affect the pulsar timing signal, allowing PSR-EMRB to remain `clean’ test-beds of strong-field GR.